Tom’s Dragons

Several years ago, I tried to draw my dog and she turned into a dragon. What magic there is in art. What power! Since that time, I’ve added over a hundred dragon paintings. Thirty are completed, seventy plus are in various stages of pencil, watercolor, acrylic and story. Eventually, they will become a book or two. Along with animals and clouds, I’ve also, learned to turn people into dragons. Mostly, they were unsuspecting total strangers captured in malls and restaurants. I did catch a likeness of my grandson and once even dared to paint my wife! Just once. Using what I’m learning from drawing, painting, writing and reading about dragons, I’ve also had the pleasure of sharing Dragon and Mythology Illustration Workshops with thousands of people in schools and libraries throughout Michigan. Who would’a thought that a failed attempt to draw a dog, and a desire to keep on drawing, would go so far? Watch for more to come.

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