August 15, 2018

Teacher Requests

The following workshops were developed over the past years in response to requests and suggestions by teachers, seeking to adapt my workshops to their classroom curriculum.

Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, Plesiosaurs, Volcanoes, Fossils, Geology and Paleontology.

THE OCEAN: Life Beneath the Sea 
Fish, Sharks, Dolphins, Whales, Seaweed, Sunken Ships and Treasure.

POND LIFE: The Life-Cycle of a Frog
Eggs, Frogs, Tadpoles, Turtles, Panfish, Pollution, Lillypads and Dragonflies…

BUTTERFLY; The Life-Cycle of Insects and their Habitats 
The Metamorphosis of Butterflies from Eggs, Caterpillars and Chrysalis.

HOLIDAYS: Celebrate Any Holiday In Season
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas… Student’s Drawings make great gifts.               

THE CIRCUS: Clowns and the Big Top
Juggling Clowns, Laughing Crowds, Dancing Bears, Elephants, Lions, Seals…

School Busses, Cars, Trains, Planes, Ships. Everything We Use to Get Around.

CASTLES: The Age of Chivalry
Banners, Towers and Battlements High Above the King’s Ships in the Harbor.

THE RAIN FOREST: A Changing and Endangered Resource 
Trees, Plants, Animals and Their Importance to Man.

BEARS: And Their Habitats
From Our First Bear, “Teddy”- to Bears of the Wild and How They Live.

LIGHTHOUSES: Sentinels Of The Great Lakes
Why, Where and How They Were Built-Their Importance Today.

SHIPWRECKS AND SALVAGE: Graveyards of the Lakes and Oceans
Locating, Exploring and Preserving Our Maritime History

These workshops are adaptable to all grade levels, with a variety of formats, in single and multiple sessions. New workshops available, include NOAH’S ARK, NORTH POLE, MY ROOM and others. All are specific to the goals of the teachers I have worked with. I welcome your ideas. Workshops are fun, challenging and yield SPECTACULAR results.

If you have a request you would like to send in please feel free to fill out the contact from below!






“I particularly appreciated your skills as you worked with the children in small groups…You were very kind and considerate as you listened to their questions and comments concerning their drawings…Your drawings made Michigan History come alive.”

-Yvonne Malachi, Principal, Port Huron Area School District

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