Story Teller


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“The Storyteller”
One day at an art show in Pentwater I was all set up and waiting for customers. It was a misty morning, and I was remembering my Grandfather. Days like that we would walk the woods near the shores of Grand Haven, so I decided to draw a picture of the way I remembered him. He had a round face like mine. So I started with a circle for his head, I then drew his eyes, and somewhere as I was doodling I remembered how he would tell his stories. They grew larger each time with the telling. He would gesture with arms wide open like he was going to hug us with his words! I thought, since his stories were larger than life, and he never forgot them, that I’d draw two wiggly lines for a trunk and turn him into an elephant. Then I drew a circle for his belly, and I remembered the yellow vest he wore when we walked through the woods, and how my grandmother had sewed it up a dozen times. Then I drew me at his feet. I ended up looking a bit like a monkey, but I thought, “that’s okay, my grandfathers an elephant.” I decided to draw my grandmother next. She was very gracious, and patient, even though she had heard his stories a thousand times over. I drew her as a giraffe. I didn’t have a giraffe for a model, so I drew an upside down pear for her head, and added some bumps and spots, and soft loving eyes. It didn’t look exactly like a giraffe, but that’s okay, it was supposed to be my grandmother. Then I added my brother Lee. We listened to the same stories together, time and again. I accidentally drew his hair too long, so I put a dress on him and turned him into my cousin Sally. I call this family portrait, “The Storyteller.” ✨

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