July 28, 2018

Goodwillie Murals

Each year I work with GES 6th graders to create a new mural for the school. The first four murals celebrate the Four Seasons. They are roughly 6′ x 9′, with multiple layers of plywood creating dimension. Our fifth mural explored Nighttime at Goodwillie, from constellations to critters. It was 6′ x 11′. Last year’s mural of the Forest Canopy was the tallest at 23′ x 18′. This year’s mural is “Insects of Michigan.” It is the longest at 6′ x 24′. Forty-nine students were involved in its creation which took a day of brainstorming, planning and design, and seven days of hands-on work. There are 49 cutout plywood insects applied to a richly painted background. Students drew, gessoed, transfered, cut, sanded, painted and installed each of the murals, as their legacy to future classes. This is only one of the many out-of-the-box experiences students enjoy at this amazing school.

Woodruff Designs