August 15, 2018


The core of all of my assembly lectures is the development of our own, unique, creative process. Using an overhead projector, examples of my work, and a lot of storytelling, we journey from our first scribbles, through trial and error, to the more refined drawings of the artist we are today. We build upon our successes, learn from our mistakes – and our skills develop, like our drawings, from the simple to the complex. Of course, this applies to much more than the ability to draw.

These lectures have been adapted to a broad range of events; from Young Author’s Day and Library programs, with emphasis on reading, writing and book production, to Science Day and Historical Society Events. While lectures can stand alone, they are most effective when followed by my Workshops. To that end, my goal is to create in students, anticipation for the work to come, and a desire to try their best, knowing that they can, and will, create something to be proud of.

I highly recommend a Kick-off Assembly for first-time visits, and in schools I’ve not visited for several years. These Assemblies are a great way for students to get to know me – and my work. They give me a “feel” for my audience, and a chance to meet the students I’ll be working with throughout the day. This will, also, save us valuable time for drawing in the Workshops.

Most schools I’ve visited, have scheduled return visits, many, annually or semi-annually. An Assembly is not necessary for these return visits, as the students know me and remember our work. If scheduling prohibits an assembly, I’ll share a brief introduction before the drawing begins.

Assemblies last from 30-55 minutes. Maximum group size is determined by the space available.

For most school assemblies, I will need a bright overhead projector, on a low table, a chair, and a large enough screen or surface, in focus, for all to see. An extra projector, or a spare bulb could save down-time if a bulb fails. This has happened, more than once. In large areas, like gyms and multi-purpose rooms, a microphone, with a clip or stand, may be necessary, for all to hear.

I am accustomed to working with large groups of all grade levels, including kindergarten. I like them right up front – almost close enough to untie my shoes. This has happened, too.

If you are curious about fees and terms you can contact me at or give me a call at (616)745-9742


“Mr. Woodruff was the speaker for our Young Author’s Kick-off Program for grades 2-6. He presented three outstanding programs for the students and they left eager to begin their own writing. His talks were full of visual materials which added to the interest of all the students. He was interesting, fun and an informative speaker for our school…I would highly recommend Mr. Woodruff for school groups of all grade levels. He is able to adapt his presentations to the age and interest of his listeners, capture their attention and generate enthusiasm for writing and illustrating.”

– Mrs. Judy Gould, Library Media Specialist, Leland Public School

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