Stick Figures

Stick Figures


So my dad tells me the story of his work, and I write it out. ✨This piece is called “Stick Figures.” He first started doodling this piece at an art fair and a man came up to him and said, “I can only draw stick figures.” So my dad said, “Me too!,” and drew the man in the image with a wooden cane to support himself as an elder. The young man next to him is holding a spear to provide for and protect his family. The woman in the background is using a stick to prepare food to nourish the family, and to the child the stick is a toy for now, until he learns his role as an adult. The trees provide the branches and sticks, as fuel for warmth and cooking, and as a means for clearing land for hunting and gardening. The stick fence symbolizes the historical separation of the Indigenous People from their native land. This picture went from the simpler meaning of stick figures, to a deeper play on words.

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