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Dear Educator,

My name is Tom Woodruff. I am the illustrator of three children's history books which you may have seen in your school library: MICHIGAN, An Illustrated History For Children (1987), GREAT LAKES AND GREAT SHIPS (1991), and INDIANS OF THE GREAT LAKES (1995). These books are being used in Elementary and Middle Schools throughout the Great Lakes Area.

Iíve recently completed the illustrations for a fourth book, PREHISTORIC GREAT LAKES, and am now, writing and illustrating, TIMBER! Michiganís Lumber Era. I hope these, too, will find their way into the hands of teachers - and children, curious about the world around them.

Over the past ten years, Iíve had the pleasure of sharing my love for Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, with students and teachers in over 300 schools, libraries and conferences, throughout the state. My GREAT LAKES ILLUSTRATION WORKSHOPS, engage students, of all ages, in challenging and fun, drawing and writing projects, while exploring the history and natural resources of our world. I bring to them, a lifelong love for children, literature, art, natural science, writing, history and teaching - with years of research, a lifetime of experiences, and stories to tell.

In the following pages, youíll find a broad range of workshop topics and formats for teachers to select from. Youíll also, find biographical sketches, testimonials, workshop examples - and most everything youíll need for a successful and rewarding Visiting or Resident Artist Program.

Many new pages are in the works, including: Activities, Murals, New Projects and Artwork, Kids Pages, Contests and Free Stuff. Be sure to check it out! In the meantime, please feel free to copy and share this information, with your colleagues. I look forward to hearing from you, with best wishes for a creative school-year!

Tom Woodruff

About the Cover

This illustration began as a felt tip marker drawing on an overhead transparency. In a 45 minute workshop, 4th grade students at Eastwood Elementary, in Big Rapids, drew along with me. Line for line, with pencil on paper, their drawings became 3-dimensional, rich with texture, loaded with detail and full of information - as we sailed through the Age of Discovery on our magnificent Galleons. Each drawing was as unique as its maker. Each student revealed their own unique style. Since then, Iíve added watercolor and acrylic to my drawing. Students added colored pencil and wrote stories for theirs. All were rightfully proud of their work - and so was I.

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