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Explore The History, Geography And Natural Resources
of The Great Lakes Region, And The World - Through The Creative Process


1 (Very Full) DAY - Please call for quote
Reduced Rate for 2 OR MORE DAYS Residencies - Please call for quote

REDUCED RATES available for all previously visited schools.

To qualify for the reduced 2-or-more day residency rate, all participating schools must schedule through one coordinator. Coordinator agrees to facilitate scheduling, materials, promotion, media, payment, and evaluation.

Expenses for one-day events, within a 50 mile radius of Greenville, consist of mileage alone. For events outside of this radius, and two-or-more day residencies, expenses may include mileage, lodging & meals.

Upon confirmation, a scheduling deposit of 10% of the combined fee and pre-agreed travel expenses is required. This deposit is fully refundable if the event is canceled by the school prior to 20 days from the scheduled date(s), and non-refundable thereafter. Snow Days will be rescheduled ASAP. Balance is due upon the last day of the event.

Each day consists of up to six presentations in up to two schools. This includes any combination of workshops and up to two assembly lectures. Allow at least 5 minutes between sessions and 30 minutes for lunch.

Assembly lectures are intended for as many students as space allows - (30 to 55 minutes). A microphone may be necessary in some settings. Media centers are an ideal setting if available.

Grade-level workshops are most effective for groups of 30-60 students. If necessary, larger groups are welcome.
Grades K- 1 (30 minutes).
Grades 2-12 (55 minutes or more)
Artrooms, classrooms and media centers are ideal settings for workshops.

The use of an overhead projector and transparencies is required for all lectures and workshops. Copies of drawings produced, will be provided for classroom use. For the workshops, students will need one sheet of 12x18 drawing paper and two sharpened pencils. Students should be ready to draw when the workshops begin. Teachers, too!

Tom Woodruff will provide all books offered for sale, relative to his visit. Prior to the event, order forms will be provided for copying and distribution to students and staff. Advance Books ordered by PO, are payable, with shipping, net 30 days, or delivered free of charge, to be signed, personalized and paid, on the day(s) of the event.

Family Night & Community Event Programs
are offered free of charge, on the evening between two scheduled days. Up to two programs per week. Allow 1 hour for presentation. Artistís Books and Prints are available after the event. Coordinator agrees to facilitate media promotion, refreshments, sales and equipment setup.

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Phone: 616-745-9742 tom@woodruffdesigns.com
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